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Citizenship And Naturalization Archives

New immigration proposal could force tough decisions

As the immigration laws in this country continue to change, it can be hard to keep up with everything. There is a new proposal on the table that could force some immigrants to make very difficult decisions if it is passed. It was published in the Federal Register on Oct. 10, which is the first day of a 60-day term when the public can comment on it.

How can I prepare for the civics test for naturalization?

Are you in the final stages of becoming a naturalized citizen of the United States? If so, you you probably know the final stages include the testing portion of the process. You will be required to take and pass an English test and a Civics test.

Are there tests I need to take to become a U.S. citizen?

When someone comes to the United States from another country, they do so using a work visa, a student visa or are sponsored by a family member. They can stay after their visa expires if they work towards becoming a naturalized citizen in Houston, Texas. This just doesn't happen overnight. The candidate for naturalization needs to complete some things first and might wonder, are there tests I need to take to become a citizen?

El Paso County doesn't agree with question of citizenship

El Paso County has formally spoken out against a question of citizenship on the census, according to a news report. The county took the stance against the question earlier in May when the county commissioners voted to join a lawsuit that was filed against the Department of Commerce. The lawsuit was filed to keep a question about citizenship off the 2020 census.

Preparing for the citizenship interview in Texas

Moving through the process of becoming a United States citizen can be lengthy. It can also be very stressful, and at times, confusing. That's why you need to do as much research as possible into the process so there are no surprises. If you are in the middle of the citizenship process and are approaching the interview, here are some tips and hints for what you might expect in Houston.

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